Sunday, April 11, 2010

'I got problems'

Ahhh... the joys of potty training with an almost-three year old boy.

"I got problems." He says. "I got problems." We're eating a lovely breakfast of french toast with strawberries and toasted coconut when Mason comes over to say, "I got problems."

"What's the matter?" we ask. Mommy and Daddy are on to this, but Auntie Sam, not so much.

As the fork is lifted to my mouth, Mason says, "Mommy change my stinky poo." Um, yep, we now can say when we've done our 'business', however, we're not very proactive about it. The screaming about having to stop at the potty before playing with the trains, and what he needs to point downhill is part of the joys of being with a toddler, I guess!

Apparently my train cars are a huge hit, as out they are dragged everywhere. They are currently running over Mason's breakfast..

We decided to go for a hike on this beautiful path around a butte. There were a lot of horses and it was a nice hike. It was a bit warmer then we expected and we had two tired dogs and child, but had a good time. Mason's quite a talker now, and is just hilarious. He regales us with his trains, and 'What's Mason doing?'. He loves watching Thomas videos on youtube and knows how to navigate. It's quite impressive.

Not sure if I mentioned, but his dog's name is Bishop. He couldn't say it when they got him, and started calling him 'fish sticks.' It's hilarious! Seeing Mason running around yelling 'fish sticks, fish sticks!' Now Mason is on my lap saying 'I got problems.' I'm afraid to ask!!!

Seeking warmth in CO

Yesterday turned out to be much colder then the weather peeps claimed it would be! I spent the morning with Tanya's family, then headed to the airport to meet my brother and drop the rental car. Got to catch up with my brother on the way back and we were greeted by a very exited Mason! On the way we stopped by the toy store for Mason's birthday gift of a couple trains to go with his incredibly exciting Thomas the Train set. Who knew little blocks of wood with wheels could be SO exciting?! He saw the bag and dove in, all giddy with excitement. He drove them around the car for a bit, then found the bubbles and the trains were momentarily forgotten. He had a blast blowing bubbles all over the car and me, of course.

He's talking up a storm now and very interactive, which is fun. Still very into mommy, but every now and then I hear a "where's Auntie SAM?? I want Sam!!" I'm only too happy to comply. He then regaled me with story after story about his trains, 'Emby and Ebard' (Emily and Edward). Snuggle time ended as quickly as it started, and he was off to the next exciting adventure banging on my poor computer and watching Thomas the Train videos on youtube. You might notice a trend.

They got a goldendoodle puppy who's a cross between a crazy puppy and a muppet. Long black curly hair and the sweetest disposition. His name is Bishop but Mason couldn't say it and calls him 'fish sticks.' It's hilarious!

Mason has the coldest feet on the planet, and when he settles down to snuggle, he likes to push them between your legs to warm them. It's a good thing he's so cute.

We had planned to camp but the temperature really dipped low in the late afternoon, so I bundled up shivering and we stayed put. He decided to play a little game of going in and out of our rooms to do his best to avoid sleep. I read him a story to no avail, and finally turned out the light! He's now sitting on my lap watching me type being really good, though I know he's waiting for the moment when youtube can come back on with Thomas..

"What's Emby doing? What's Emby doing? Where's Ebard?" It's going to be a fun-filled day of trains and more trains....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back to Colorado

This may be the longest stretch in years that I didn't travel! It's been close to four months since the Bisbee, AZ adventure, and time to hit the road again (or the skies, rather) for a trip to CO! Visiting with my good friend Tanya and her family (formerly of CA and in the process of moving), my brother, sister-in-law and nephew, and another new friend as well. Busy long weekend but lots of fun!

Not sure how often I'll be on, but will be sure to provide the highlights of the trip.
I arrived yesterday around mid-day, and made my way to Louisville, CO, between Boulder and Denver northwest of the city. The kids (Isabelle and Mitchell) are HUGE, and so much bigger since I saw them last May on our camping trip. They're 7 and 8 now and just a blast. We went for a great hike up a big hill in Boulder, where lots of people had the same great idea! It's cool here but really beautiful and warm in the sun. The view of the snow-capped mountains is so beautiful! Not sure about all the snow they get here, and of course the cold temperatures, but April is quite nice!

Today I woke up early and got great snuggles with Isabelle, then we made our way to Estes Park right next to Rocky Mountain National Park. The town is really cute and quaint, at the base of gorgeous snow-capped mountains. The drive wound through the mountains, and we twisted higher and higher until we came to the town. There's a large and beautiful lake, and lots of cute little shops. We got lunch at a mexican cantina then made our way to the farm where we were scheduled to go horseback riding. It was the first time for the kids and they were really excited.

There were two cute little horses, as well as a bunch of larger ones for the 'big' people. Our guide, Jason, was quite adorable and a really nice guy who pointed things out during the ride Not long after we started, a prairie dog ran across our path. I'm not sure if it was the prairie dog or the horse behind Mitchell's horse, but his horse actually reared causing us a few unnerving seconds! Mitch handled it like a pro and hung on well while the guide looped back to calm down the horse. We rode through the woods and had a really fun time enjoying the beautiful mountain views. Then we were walking alongside a small hill and the horse in front of me actually slipped and fell! I've never seen that before. The woman managed to jump out of the stirrups so the horse didn't land on her, and the horse got right up. All were ok though it made for an interesting ride!

We passed the gum tree (self-explanatory), boot hill, where the summer hands retired their boots when the were finished, and grandpa tree, a really old tree that was actually hit by lightening three times. We were told to touch it for good luck, and of course did.

My horse rainey was a beautiful somewhat-spirited red male. He knew the trail well and was great, though really enjoyed having his nose in the next horses's backside, and didn't care much for my pulling back on the reigns to get him to slow up. Every time I did, he stopped but shook his head as if to tell me he was going to follow my direction, but he was NOT going to like it.

Towards the end of the ride we came across at least 50 elk, some were quite close. A couple of the horses spooked a bit when the elk got to around 20 feet away. The elk didn't seem to mind, and just stared at us walking away. The elk were much smaller than I've seen in Arizona and Maine though still quite impressive.

We got down off the horses and the kids were jumping up and down, wanting to go again. We drove around a bit to enjoy the scenery and headed back. We had planned to go into Rocky Mountain National Park, but it was already 3:30 so we'll go another time. We stopped by for some ice cream on the way home (because we were hungry, of course)!

It was a beautiful day and lots of fun. Tomorrow I head down to my brother's to see my nephew, and I heard we're going camping for a couple of days. Should be beautiful in the mountains though BRRRRRR...!!! My thin Arizona blood.. :o)